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Hello and welcome to the new website!! Way back (way back in internet years) in 2010 when I parted ways with my previous studio and created Jason Lykins Photography we launched Jasonlykinsphotography.com. At the time it was based on a Wordpress Theme that required coding experience and wasn't very scalable. While it worked really well for a long time, I started to desire more. Specifically I wanted my images to auto scale to full screen to give the maximum viewing experience, I wanted a really nice client photo section, and equally important I wanted a beautiful mobile presence. Likely, over half of you are viewing this very blog post on a mobile device and I want to make sure that your viewing experience is just as beautiful and rich as the visitors on computers.

Beyond the above mentioned additions, this site is very streamlined and clean. I've always believed that more is less; this website conveys that belief. We've made sure that the wedding gallery is beautiful, streamlined, and fast (you should expect nothing less), but beyond that we now have a gorgeous gallery showcasing beautiful engagement photos from some of our favorite couples.

Click around, look through the galleries, send me some comments and messages. Tell me if you like what you see or if you don't like what you see. I want to know! Keep your eyes open for new images, weddings, back stories, and creative energy on this great new site!

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